VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions is India’s leading developer and provider of advanced solutions through innovative web-based products to the global market. We are a true blue technology company and not a mere back office support or service provider.

Our philosophy is ‘Innovate or perish’. We deliver products worldwide through our associates by entering into licensing arrangements or partnerships with them.

Our technology expertise is founded on the following key areas:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Advanced Data Base Design including Federated Databases
  3. Workflow Systems
  4. Web-Based Computing
  5. User Interface Design

Our strength in these five (5) core areas enables us to deliver innovative products with distinctly superior features to the global market place.

Lotus Notus

Lotus Notes continues to set the standard for innovation in the messaging and collaboration market Lotus defined over a decade ago. As an integrated collaborative environment, Lotus Notes combines enterprise-class messaging, calendaring & scheduling capabilities with a robust platform for collaborative applications. MSPI provides a powerful enterprise management solution by building up products which work entirely on the Lotus Notes / Domino environment. It significantly increases the reliability of your vital inbound and outbound email management systems through automated monitoring and performance management. This ensures continuous access to your mission-critical Lotus Notes / Domino resources enterprise-wide. We are one of the best companies in the world that carries out most of our projects with utmost care and consideration. Working remotely allows us to draw on a much larger pool of talent to satisfy the project needs.

C / C++

VC++ team develops various applications and utilities using state of the art tools and technologies on windows platforms. All the applications are part of application layer of the product architecture. They are having nice GUI for the user to work with. Each and every VC++ application is validating the input data’s. Processing the data and transfers them to database. Its compatible to both Oracle as well as Db2 databases. The data’s will be displayed to user from Web UI. All VC++ applications are robust, configurable and reusable. They are developed by adhering to SDLC process. ISO 9001 processes are followed up strictly to enforce quality in the product. A lot of new technologies such as XML have been used which gives a kind of sophistication to the product. The benefits are one team for maintenance and code consistence across customers.


The Products developed by MSPI are compatible with all Operating systems like Windows, AIX, and Linux. We are one of the pioneers in using J2EE for Inbound and Outbound mail transfer, which works across all platforms. Some of the latest technologies including SOAP, XML and Oracle Intermedia search are used for effective performance and ease of use. The whole product is hosted on IBM’s WebSphere Application Server. This is one of the best available in the industry. The idea is to avoid independent installations at each customers place but to host it in one place and let the customers use it from there. The benefits are one team for maintenance and code consistence across customers. XML is used predominantly. Even the mailing list is in XML. The advantage is any client who has an XML render able legacy system need not buy or modify his existing software to use our product. Ease of implementation should work out in favor of roping in undecided clients.


ASP.NET combines unprecedented developer productivity with performance, reliability and deployment. In any real-world Web-based application, the foremost role of a Developer is to normalize the business logic and encapsulate said logic in business components to extend the capabilities of application as a whole. In classic, ASP developers turned to creating COM objects in VisualBasic, Visual C++ or Java to implement their custom business rules.

Oracle / DB2

Oracle / DB2 is responsible to keep the database server up at all times and to provide users with access to the required information when they need it. As members in team are DBA, they are supposed to handle client issues in production databases. Their daily day to day activities include creating primary database storage structures and implement and maintain database security, monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database and offering assistance to developers in optimizing their applications, porting database, monitoring disk, table spaces, extents, and fragmentation, perform house-cleaning tasks as required, purging old files from the Oracle database.


VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions India is a leading provider of Lotus Notes Domino Hosting for Enterprise Applications, mail and websites since 1997.

Our Hosting services are:

Secure Reliable Scalable Affordable VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions India can provide dedicated or shared server resources to host on a variety of operating systems. VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions strives to provide the best customer support in the ASP space. We have a team of highly skilled project managers that will coordinate your installation and provide a single point of contact for all your needs. We monitor our hosted environment 24X7 and technical staff is on hand 365 days per year.


Our experienced engineers work with our clients and carefully examine their existing network systems, determine their company’s demand for future growth and recommend the most efficient system possible to meet their company’s needs into the future. We continuously take data back up and retrieve the data’s whenever required.

Firewall Setup

VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions prevents costly network security problems by having a visual, automated and configured platform, which deploys security rules on multi-vendor routers, switches, firewalls and VPN’s. By automating the work and making different brands and devices interoperable, VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions offers ease of management, improved security, and return on investment.

With a team of certified security professionals, VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions always reviewing its security periodically and updating them. All the traffic with its clients will be encrypted and thus never allowing any security breach during data transit.

Features and Benefits:

Virtual Private Network Authenticate Users Firewall Load Balancing Secure Network Address Translation Security Tools Resist Common Attacks by Firewalls Port Mapping and Network Address Translation (NAT) Data Back-up and retrieve

Creative Development

The Creative division is involved in developing the creative content for all media like Interactive, Print, Press and Film. This division handles projects in the area of advertising, 2D animation and 3D modeling/effects/animation and Web designing. The team benefits from the highly specialized skills of 2D artists, 3D artists and graphic designers using high-end software tools.

The studio also develops animation for advertising films, title animation and short films. Our effects studio has expertise artist in using Lightwave 3D, 3D Studio Max and various custom tools. Millennium Productions fuses art and technology to build high-quality interactive productions. Our services include digital special effects for pictures and television, 2D cell animation, web publishing, CD-ROM titles and software development.

We have extensive experience in creating Web Site Characterized not only by their creative excellence but also by their technical sophistication. Our biggest accolade to date is our having been selected by the committee in an open contest to work on the Web Site for the Winter Olympics in Utah.

VASHIVA Millennium Productions fuses art and technology to build high-quality interactive productions. Our services include digital special effects for pictures and television, 2D cel animation, web publishing, CD-ROM titles and software development.

Clients with existing animations or trademarked characters can have the advertising agency submit the material, and Millennium can usually incorporate with little difficulty. If you need something original, the Millennium Creative team can develop it from something as simple as a thumbnail sketch. The cost, length of time from conception to delivery varies immensely, depending on the project complexity, and the number of artists (external as well as internal in the case of agency interaction) involved.


VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions offer Animation services at the highest level possible with a staff of professionals that are the best in their respective fields. We have the ability to produce exceptional output in the field of 2D & 3D Animation. We are motivated by our passion and desire to produce the highest quality of work possible with the highest level of creativity. With the existing staff and abilities, we believe we have an unmatched level of talent here at Millennium. We specialize in 2D & 3D Animation, Advertising, Film, Television and Interactive Industry.

Our Services in Animation include:

  • Advertising in TV commercials
  • Web designing
  • Multimedia & interactive CDs
  • 2D animation
  • Character design
  • Storyboards
  • Layouts
  • Ink & Paint facilities
  • 3D animation
  • Character modeling & animation
  • Web & multimedia content creation
  • High-quality photo-realistic rendering

Website Development

A website is incompetent if it’s not visually appealing and users can’t easily interrelate with it. Professional website development requires a lot more than a flashy, brightly colored animations and stock photos. It takes knowledge of high design principles. VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions went way beyond expectations by developing a beautiful web site in record time. As a true professional web site design and web development company, VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions felt that the web site would be more effective and easier to navigate if it was resolution independent. Websites designed by VASHIVA Millennium Software have the best features; browser-friendly and cross-platform compatible.

In addition to custom web design, our primary focus is the creation of online website content management tools, work flow and customer relationship management systems as well as database driven HTML, Flash and animation websites that empower our clients to manage their sites and simplify their business processes without the need for programming or website design knowledge.

We have professional staff and management people who design the website in and out, the proof of that being our website itself. VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions is a leading Website programming and web design company. We push boundaries within clear goals. Like many website designers, we are staffed with bright, creative, dedicated people who work long, strange hours in pursuit of professional objectives.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a strategy adopted as the spearhead of our marketing initiatives. It is the core ability to allow one-to-one relationship marketing on a scale that is unrivalled by any other medium. It is this advantage that made all the difference. Since 1997, we have been compiling leads of prospective clients through email from a wide array of different verticals to use our products like Direct Marketing and Customer Care.

We have targeted hundreds of companies and generated hot leads and thereby increased our Sales/Marketing strategy. This increases our efficiency and provides an effective way to perform relationship marketing. E-mail is the lifeblood that fuels the Internet machine. Our e-mail marketing techniques revolve mainly around personalization, make it undoubtedly the most effective method of generating leads quickly, effectively and at low cost.

Imagine walking into the office on Monday morning and finding five to ten hot leads flowing into the inbox! What a way to start business on a Monday, huh? Lead Generation is not a new form of gaining new business, but it now has a new approach. Rather than sitting at a trade show table for hours on end, or setting up a display in hopes may complete a form, but we have generated leads and finalized using the technology of the Internet.

Successful lead generation must go beyond the marketing department. It requires, a shared vision that involves all players – and WE, the team have done it!

Tele Marketing

Voice, the most widely used channel for support, is also the most versatile and can be used for a variety of functions. VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions leverages current infrastructure and existing technology for providing a seamless telemarketing. Telemarketing lead services are a great way to jump start your sales force and generate immediate business for your company. By leaving telemarketing lead generation to the experts, you free up your sales force to concentrate on core competencies, selling! Every telemarketing lead we provide includes critical information for your sales person including important comments, contact name, address, phone, directions and best time to visit or call.

Telemarketing can be used by itself or with other methods of direct marketing, such as a direct mail follow-up or email follow-up. Outbound telemarketing delivers your message directly to your prospect or customer and allows for immediate interaction. No other medium provides this instant marketing feedback. Outbound telemarketing allows you to change the presentation and offer daily or hourly if necessary, allowing greater flexibility and control of your marketing campaign.

The four basic elements to telemarketing include: List of Prospect, Message, Scripting and The Close! VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions offers high quality labor, multi-channel contact center technology solutions and the expertise of our proven processes to provide the operational footing for a diverse portfolio of Tele-Marketing services. We employ the latest technology to provide solid functionality with complete redundancy and reliability. Our Team utilizes a solid technical infrastructure like Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and State-of-the art Scheduling and Reporting Tools.