Since its inception in the year 1997, VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions Pvt. Ltd. has been focused on providing the best business process services and customer relationship management tools through a Web enabled, ASP (Application Service Provider) Model for global corporations throughout the world. We are a software development organization providing business solutions to companies encompassing all industries. VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions global service delivery model provides Clients with an Opportunity to capture the competitive advantage of global labor markets to significantly improve business processes while delivering them at substantially lower costs, reducing time-to-market and provides a 24*7 delivery and support model. This is done without compromising on the quality of the product, being delivered to the Client.

VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions Pvt. Ltd. stands as the vanguard of E-mail management providing effective inbound and outbound E-Mail management systems. We are continuously striving to explore ideas, which could make our products more user friendly. Recent statistics reveal the exponential growth in Internet and E-Mail usage. According to reports there is an addition of two million new users to the Internet every month, also 45% of the people interviewed said that they are using E-Mail as a primary means of communication, which shows a dramatic 35% increase from the year 2000. These facts act as eye openers to the growing popularity of the net and E-Mail and imply the need for better E-Mail management. Information technology broadly refers to software, hardware, services related to the Internet, computing equipment and telecommunications. At MSPI Our aim is to serve our customers better by synergising these different facets of IT to develop superior products and services that would add value to the E-Mail as a communication tool.

We develop products with consistent quality levels and constantly upgrade them by incorporating innovative features to equip the users to meet the growing challenges in the market place.

VASHIVA Millennium Software Productions Quality Policy is to provide the best products and services to its customers with a strong emphasis on continuous improvement achieved through deep employee involvement. We provide the highest quality products and services to the global markets, which we serve. Our name signifies reliability and quality to our customers. We are committed to constantly enhancing the standard of our products and services to retain our position as the leader among E-Mail management companies.